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Meet the Chiropractor

  • Dr. Adriana Bedford Blaise

    Dr. Adriana Bedford Blaise is a family and prenatal chiropractor and Birth Doula. She currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. 

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Success Stories

Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "“Dr Audrey is a great chiropractor for pregnant mamas. If something is hurting, I go see her and she fixes me right up. She is caring and supportive and always offers tips for things to do outside her office that can improve pregnancy symptoms. And the front desk staff is amazing!!! Not only are they efficient and polite and accommodating, but so warm and friendly! They make me feel so special — what a bonus!!”"
    Sarah M.
  • "Everything from the knowledge and care the doctors provide, to the service of the administrative staff, to the atmosphere in-house, is excellent. I have seen tremendous health inprovements in my family since we walked through the doors. These are really good people who know what they're doing."
    Julie Cole
  • "I have been apart of the Exodus family for almost 2 years! I originally came as a result of some neck and lower back pain. The staff is absolutely AMAZING and the most friendly you will ever meet. Since I have been going I no longer have neck/back pain, but I decided to continue with a maintenance program because I have experienced remarkable improvements in my health overall. Some of the perks I enjoy about Exodus is the education they provide about encouraging you to be more healthy, they have great supplements, provide a kit for you to do some exercises at home, and they treat you more like a family member than just a client. I highly recommend them for chiropractic care."
    Antoria Guerrier
  • "I love the atmosphere and expertise found at Exodus Health Center! Each chiropractor has their own specialty and we need their different specializations at different times in our lives. I have been a beneficiary of the skills of each of them and have my health back!"
    Ronnie Hammond
  • "I love all the Chiropractors and staff at Exodus!! The atmosphere is very comforting. The Christian music is also very relaxing and the adjustments are top notch. They have very informative health sessions for their clients free of charge. They sincerely care about their clients."
    Alicia McBurnie
  • "“I’ve been seeing Dr Audrey for the past 6 months for my neck and back. When I started I had headaches everyday and very poor range of motion in my neck. Today was my graduation and I’m happy to say I’m much better aligned since I started, no more headaches and range of motion is greatly improved. Dr Audrey is a wonderful, attentive and caring chiropractor. I highly recommend her.”"
    Judi C.
  • "“They actually care about people! Your just not another patient, you matter to them. They are so amazing! I cannot express how wonderful they are. I have been suffering from Vertigo and Severe Sciatica pain for a very long time. I have seen many Drs the last few years with no success. My left foot was always cold and numb, my pain was horrible. With a few visits to Exodus Health Center, the pain is almost completely gone. They give great advice on eating healthier as well. These people are a blessing from God! I love that they pray over you as well. I don’t care what you suffer from, I guarantee they can help you”"
    Thomas B.
  • "“The staff at Exodus Health Center are some of the most caring people I know. They are so genuine and kind, they treat you like family. They are so motivated to get you as healthy as you can be. This, along with a fun, family friendly atmosphere is what makes Exodus one of a kind. I would highly recommend Exodus Health Center to anyone looking for a chiropractor who goes above and beyond. Love this place and everyone in it!”"
    Mae G.

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Welcome to Exodus Health Center
Your Kennesaw Chiropractor

Women Owned and Black Owned



Our Kennesaw Chiropractic Team Welcomes You to Exodus Health Center

We're pleased to welcome you to Exodus Health Center, your family's resource for chiropractic care and other natural health and wellness services.

Our Kennesaw, Georgia chiropractic team is fully dedicated to helping you and your loved ones experience optimal health, greater comfort and a happier life. We do this by removing any obstacles or impediments to your body's own inherent ability to heal itself and remain well.

Compassionate Care from Your Kennesaw Chiropractor

Our Kennesaw chiropractor at Exodus Health Center brings a unique blend of experience, skills and personalized attention to your family's various health, wellness and pain management needs.

Clinic owner and operator Dr. Adriana Bedford Blaise is a family and prenatal chiropractor and birth doula who has helped many families reach their greatest potential and thrive together. Specializing in family and pediatric chiropractic care, she loves helping expecting mothers have a healthy and positive birthing experience.  This combination of specialized knowledge allows her to administer the right kind of care for a wide range of different situations.

What We Can Do for You

Whether you're trying to overcome a health problem or prevent future problems from occurring, our Kennesaw health center can play a vital supportive role. We offer a number of different therapeutic techniques, each with its own special strengths and benefits, combining them into holistic or "whole body" treatment programs to address every facet of your health and well being.

The centerpiece of this approach, chiropractic adjustment, can relieve multiple problems simply by correcting spinal alignment problems that cause or contribute to back pain, neck pain joint pain, headaches and muscle spasms. This makes it a powerful tool for treating both acute and chronic injuries.

Chiropractic care can even relieve a wide range of systemic health problems, from allergies to digestive troubles, by enhancing your nervous system function so your body can communicate with itself as it should. Not only is chiropractic treatment highly effective, but its non-invasive, drug-free nature makes it safe for all ages, from pediatric patients to seniors.

But spinal adjustment isn't the only technique you may benefit from. We complement our chiropractic care with services such as:

- Corrective exercises

- Nutritional counseling

- Spinal/postural screenings

- Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

- Lifestyle advice and wellness workshops

By making use of several of these services and techniques, we can help you regain your range of motion, conquer pain and other symptoms, rehabilitate injury damage and maintain your best health at all times.

Need a Kennesaw Chiropractor? Call Exodus Health Center!

We hope you'll take advantage of the many informational resources we offer by perusing our blog page and subscribing to our health newsletter -- but we also want to talk to you in person. Call 770-420-0492 to schedule an initial visit to Exodus Health Center!

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