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The Link Between Chiropractic And Organ Health

When most people think of chiropractic, the impact on visceral organ function is rarely stated as an effect. Since chiropractors work with the spine, it is often assumed that they only treat spine-related symptoms like back and neck pain.

While this assumption isn’t entirely off-base (chiropractic has been well known to help these symptoms), it is very limiting. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll notice many articles with case studies supporting the benefits of chiropractic on various disorders not traditionally viewed as benefited by chiropractic. What is the link?

As early as 1921, Dr. Henry Winsor M.D. decided to see if there was any correlation between

diseased organs, the nerves connected to them, and the vertebrae associated with those nerves.

He performed autopsies of 75 human bodies and 22 cats. He found a near 100% correlation

between “minor curvatures” of the spine and diseases of internal organs.

A later (1968) radiographic study showed that many patients with various internal organ diseases (gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, etc.) had some displacement of specific areas of the spine.

What is interesting (and also scary) is that these misalignments can go undetected and cause no symptoms at all. The only way to know if your spine is optimally aligned is to get an evaluation by your Kennesaw chiropractor. Have you had your spine checked yet?

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