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The Fundamental Difference Is What Matters

Lately, I’ve been taking using my drive time to listen to podcasts, and it has been great! One of the most recent podcasts I’ve enjoyed listening to is by the son of a chiropractic great, Dr. James Sigafoose.

What he spoke about really got me thinking. He said that life is motion, and the difference between life and death is movement, where living things move and dead things do not (or at least the frequency of vibrating energy is reduced astronomically).

I’ve been speaking about movement as the key to life for a long time, and hearing him say this was music to my ears. Movement is necessary and essential for healing. Period.

More specifically, movement of nerve energy from the brain down the spinal cord and out each and every nerve root. If this movement of nerve signaling is not optimal or ideal, the body cannot mobilize the systems in the body to do what they are designed to do.

Think of your nervous system as the information super highway, and subluxation (or spinal misalignment causing nerve pressure) as the traffic-jam-causing car accident. What happens to the movement of vehicles on the road when there is a highway accident? Without a doubt it slows. When the wreck is cleared, what happens? Movement increases!

Therefore, with limited supply of this nerve signaling, the healing processes of the body are limited, and health is limited as well.

For this reason, it is essential to be sure that your spine is free of any interfering pressure or stress that would reduce your healing capacity.


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