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Can Your Chiropractor Detect Problems With Your Thyroid?

The short answer is yes! Since Chiropractors often use their hands to feel for subluxation (among other more recent technological advances), the hypothesis that thyroid dysfunction can be detected by palpation of a lesion at the second cervical vertebra (C2) on the left was tested in 100 selected subjects.

Patients were studied by palpation of all cervical vertebrae, scanning, laboratory tests, including uptake, and clinical evaluation. Of 38 patients with no palpable cervical lesion, 25 (66%) had normal thyroid function whereas 13 (34%) had either thyrotoxicosis, nodular goiter, autonomous nodules, or hypothyroidism.

The remaining 62 patients had palpable cervical lesions, 39 on the left C2 area of whom 88

percent had thyroid dysfunction. Seven (11 percent) of the 62 patients with cervical lesions

with euthyroid (normal thyroid function). This means that subluxation was associated with their thyroid condition in 88% of cases!

Not only can your chiropractor detect problems of the thyroid, they can help too! The link between abnormal thyroid levels and subluxations of the cervical spine have been documented in the literature. Adjustments of these cervical subluxations have been shown to improve thyroid function.

One young woman with hyperthyroidism had been on medication for 6 years. She stopped

medication and began chiropractic care, and within 4 months her thyroid levels were normal

and her symptoms disappeared!

If someone you know and care about suffers with a thyroid condition, send them over to your Kennesaw area chiropractor for an evaluation today.

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J Am Osteopath Assoc 1973 (Mar); 72 (7): 731-737

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