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Bell's Palsy & Chiropractic

Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which the sufferer experiences either partial or complete facial muscle paralysis. The cause of this condition is unknown, however since it affects cranial nerve VII, it is therefore considered a neurological problem.   

There have been several case studies of children and adults diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy who have experienced significant improvement and even complete recovery with adjustments.

One case, a 5 year old boy took a fall from his bicycle and over the next week developed symptoms of Bell’s palsy, he could not close his right eye or wrinkle his brow. A neurologist told his parents it would probably be 4-5 months before the child would recover his ability to move his face.

However, the parents consulted a chiropractor, who discovered a subluxation in the child’s atlas (the bone at the base of the skull). The child received adjustments once a week, and after 3 weeks he had recovered 90% of his facial muscle mobility.

If you know someone who has bell’s palsy, ask them if they have had their cervical spine evaluated by a chiropractor. If they have not, or they aren’t seeing the improvement they would like, refer them to your Kennesaw area chiropractor today!

Shara, K. 1999. Bell’s Palsy, A Chiropractic case study. Sacrooccipital Resource Society International 11(2):n.p.


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