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A Less Invasive Approach to Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is a condition when the tonsils become inflamed due to either a bacterial or viral infection. This problem is more than just a sore throat because the swelling can cause difficulty swallowing or even breathing, which can be a medical emergency.

Also, If Tonsillitis persists long enough or becomes recurrent over time, it will be considered chronic, in which case your doctor may recommend surgery.

There are proven solutions every parent should consider first before Tonsillitis ever becomes chronic. When it comes to tonsillitis, the immune system and its proper function should be addressed first and foremost, and Chiropractic care has been shown to help significantly.

A 1991 study conducted in England showed that when 27 children were treated for tonsillitis with adjustments, symptoms completely disappeared in 25 of them. Chiropractors have found that subluxations in the cranial and cervical areas contribute to a child’s tendency to infections of the head & throat areas.

Tonsillitis goes hand in hand with movement restriction in the craniocervical junction. Of 76 children with chronic tonsillitis and movement restriction at the craniocervical junction, 70 had spinal dysfunction between the occiput and atlas.

37 children who had not been operated on were given adjustments and were followed up for 5 years. 67.6% were cured of tonsillitis entirely; the remainder relapsed and were treated again with manipulation. 25 had their tonsils surgically removed, but 19 of these still suffered from movement restriction after surgery, requiring manipulation for relief.

If your child suffers from repeated infections or has had tonsilitis in the past, get them checked by your Kennesaw area Chiropractor today!

Lewit, K. 1991. Manipulative Therapy and Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System. Oxford: Butterworth Heineman.



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