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Are You Hungry

Are you Hungry?

- Dr. Andrew St. Bernard

Most of us know and have experienced the bonding that happens over a good meal. I would argue that some of my best conversations with friends and family have happened at the dinner table.

I can recall a few really good memories I had with family just laughing hysterically at the most inane things, yet they are some of my most fond memories. Why? Because we were all present and we were all connected, and the food is what brought us together.

My wife and I have a couple of friends who are marriage counselors, and do you know what one of their first pieces of advice was for those looking to improve their marriage? Have family dinner together. They know and understand that eating together brings us together.

So who are you looking to connect with? Who do you want to build a better relationship with? Have dinner with them.

That being said, as a chiropractor, this is a huge reason why we do dinners for our patients and their guests. We want to be more connected to our patients so we can give better care. We want our patients to have the opportunity to show their loved ones they care and connect better with them. What better way to show them that than by inviting them not only to dinner, but to hear a positive message about health. So I only have one question for you - are you hungry?


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