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The Arthrostim

By Brooke Mazujian

As a patient here at Exodus you most likely have enjoyed benefits from the “tapping instrument”

after your adjustment and many of you have asked, “what is this doing?” That tapping instrument

is really an ArthroStim and it is helping our doctors further structurally enhance the curve in your

neck as well allow the adjustment to hold better due to the muscle relaxation it stimulates. First

developed in 1986, the ArthroStim is an extension of the chiropractor’s hands performing a high

amplitude, low velocity motion at a rate of 12 times per second. The total impulse is divided into

equal, smaller impulses producing a controlled repetitive input into the cells, tissue, muscles, and

bones its contacting. This motion goes through the joint and tissues surrounding it and in return

releases trigger points that usually cause spasms. By using the ArthroStim the doctor is able to

stimulate the proprioceptors, which are responsible for detecting the proper motion and

alignment of the body’s muscles and joints in the space around them. The instrument also

stimulates mechanoreceptors which are the cells that respond to mechanical stimuli such as touch

and sound. For young patients, elderly patients, anyone in acute pain, or just someone that

requires a lighter adjustment, it provides a light, effective, and comfortable resetting of the joint.

This is due to its light force which only stimulates the mechanoreceptors as well as the

proprioceptors without activating pain receptors which allows it to be a very useful and

multidimensional tool.

Neurologically this tool is great because it stimulates the brain. Through the controlled repetitive

input I mentioned earlier there is a cumulative aggregate effect on neural receptors providing

extensive neurological feedback to the brain. The natural feedback system between the brain and

the rest of the body is what the nervous system uses to organize itself. When the impulses hit a

trigger point, therefore stimulating the mechano and proprioceptors, this information is sent to

the brain which then issues self-correcting commands to the muscular system and other tissues to

bring about healing changes that modify dysfunctional patterns.

For some of you, the ArthroStim has been used for muscle work. It is great for deep fascial

adhesions, muscle spasms, trigger points, in addition to many other musculoskeletal issues. In

instances of overactive and tight muscles it works the trigger points into relaxation, which not

only makes us feel better and more relaxed but it helps relieve stress on the skeletal system,

therefore allowing the body to hold any adjustment that the doctors apply more effectively and

for longer.

Overall, the ArthroStim is a great asset to the practice giving our amazing doctors just another

tool in the toolbox to provide you with the best care possible.


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