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The Corrective Mindset

Mindset Matters!

Ask any successful person and they’ll agree that mindset matters. Your internal dialogue will set the stage for either growing or waning. As a healthcare provider, I have noticed that those whose mindset is focused correctly are the ones who actually achieve their health goals. It is the mindset of getting to the cause of the problem, and correcting it at its root that ultimately brings resolve.

Shift Away From Default.
So what does the corrective mindset look like? There is a definite shift from ‘default’ that first needs to occur. What do I mean by ‘default’? Consider the negativity that mainstream news reports on. Consider ones typical response to a bad day, or to bad news. Consider that time you caught yourself complaining about something rather than being thankful. The default mindset is akin to relief when it comes to your health and the maintenance thereof. How does a relief mindset compare to a corrective mindset?:

Relief Mindset

  • Procrastinates
  • Judges well-being on feelings
  • Focuses on surviving
  • Decides based on convenience
  • Prioritizes capability
  • Values appearance and senses
  • Satisfied with short-term results

Corrective Mindset

  • Plans ahead
  • Judges well-being on facts
  • Focuses on thriving
  • Decides based on necessity
  • Prioritizes whole-body function
  • Values true health
  • Committed to achieve long-term results

The Great News.
If you find yourself identifying more with the corrective mindset, give yourself a pat on the back, grab a glass of water, and keep going! If you haven’t already seen a break-through with your health, it’s coming.

If you identify more with the relief mindset, and you want to change, there is hope. Start choosing to “act as though” or you may already be familiar with the saying, “fake it until you make it”. By choosing daily your thoughts, your actions will follow suit. This is not a gimmick or fad – this is a law. If you truly want to see change happen with your health, it starts with mindset, and if you want your health to flourish, it’s got to be a corrective mindset!


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