New technologies are constantly improving our lives and gaining an edge in the wellness world. One unique technology with great healing benefits is the VibraCussor.

The VibraCussor is a hand-held vibration device that feels like a deep tissue massage but penetrates deep within the bodily tissues, stimulating the innate healing properties with the body.


The VibraCussor is used to help loosen tissues such as the joints, muscles and the fascia or the lining around the muscles. In addition, it helps to reduce lymphatic pressure and scar tissue.

This device is much different than traditional massage. Massage uses side to side motions to address surface tension, while the VibraCussor uses an up and down pattern of movement that goes deep into the tissues, penetrating through the joints, muscles and fascia.

This device loosens the tissue and allows for deeper blood flow into these regions.


The muscle fascia is often overlooked but it is essential for the keeping the body structure strong. Under stress, this tissue becomes tense and rigid. The VibraCussor helps to pump fluid and nutrients into the muscles and fascia and restores proper range of motion.

In addition, the device benefits the bodies nervous system by improving motion within the body and stimulating fixated joint receptors, allowing them to provide proper movement information to the brain. This mechanism acts to improve posture, enhance breathing and sense of calmness and peace within the body.

Long-Term Usage:

VibraCussor therapy is great for long-term usage. Getting this sort of therapy done on you on a regular basis will help your body work more efficiently and help to keep you active longer and feeling good.

Patients who have VibraCussor therapy describe having improvements in mental and emotional stability and outlook. They also have improved breathing, less pain and more energy.

At Exodus Health Center, we serve our community with chiropractic in Kennesaw and utilize the VibraCussor technology to get world-class results.

This is one of the many extra steps we take at Exodus to provide the best health care experience possible.


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