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Exodus Health Center proudly serves Kennesaw residents and surrounding areas as a local health center that meets your family’s wellness needs. Dr. Audrey Blaise is highly skilled and knowledgeable health service provider who is a passionate advocates for an all-natural, integrated style of health and wellness. Her goal is to provide quality care, in a non-invasive way, for everyday ailments such as back pain and headaches as well as for illnesses and injuries that require more in-depth investigation and treatment.

Chiropractic Care Provided by Exodus Health Center

At its core, chiropractic care relies on “whole-person” wellness, meaning that treatments for illness and injury involve not just treating the visible symptoms but also searching for underlying causes. Sometimes, people are prone to illness or injury because of misaligned joints, incorrect posture, poor nutrition or certain lifestyle habits that may not typically be taken into consideration when they are being evaluated or diagnosed by a healthcare provider.

With chiropractic care, all of these factors and more are considered when your chiropractor begins to design a wellness plan of action for you. One of the main objectives of the chiropractic treatment plan is to prevent painful surgical procedures or expensive medications that may have undesirable side effects. Instead, we use the body’s own natural strengths and instincts for healing in an all-natural, non-invasive, drug-free way.

Through a specially developed regimen, customized for the specific issues facing each client, our chiropractors work to restore the body to its highest possible function and to create a plan of action that encourages a healthy, active lifestyles. Whether you’re recovering from an injury and want to expedite the healing process or you’re interested in learning more about the many beneficial effects that holistic healthcare can have on your ongoing wellness, we’re happy to help!

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