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Brain Power & The Chiropractic Connection

- Dr. Andrew St. Bernard, DC

Recently, Stephen Hawking passed away. He was a brilliant theoretical physicist who said that the brain is like a computer. I would agree with that, except to say that everything man made mimics nature, and since computers are a human creation, they are a reflection of the brain.

That said, something else occured to me. When considering the function of a computer, it’s speed of processing is critical for the execution of tasks and proper function of all the software and hardware components.

Without a central processing unit (CPU), the computer is obsolete. The computer cannot function at all if it doesn’t have the CPU to control and co-ordinate function. This is exactly how the brain works too, and without it, our other organs are life-less.

Now back to what I was saying about the speed of procession. What can interfere with or slow down a computers speed? Viruses, malware, or bugs can block or interefere with the normal function of a computer, and thus it’s function will not be optimal.

Sometimes these viruses can go undetected for a long time until the computer’s performance is altered enough for it to be noticed, or until it crashes. This is exactly how subluxation, or spinal nerve interference can cause dysfunction in our body.

It is often subtle, and can go undetected, or it produces symptoms that we can easily dismiss like minimal back and neck pain or discomfort, allergies, or even poor sleep. However, if left uncorrected, can cause a crash in the system.

Don’t wait for your system to crash before you have a chance to correct the cause! Get your nervous system evaluated by your Kennesaw chiropractor today.


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