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Injury Prevention: Another Benefit To Getting Adjusted!

Pain and loss of function in the knee joint are often a result of either traumatic injury or long-

term improper joint mechanics. In these cases, often there are problems with the spine that

may be causing or contributing to the malfunction of the knees.

Research shows that treating problems in the spine for cases like these, therefore, can resolve the knee condition. In one case study, a 35 year old man who had suffered from chronic knee pain for 15 years went for chiropractic care, which resolved the condition.

The same patient then had a car accident and was diagnosed with whiplash. At the same

time, his knee began to swell and he experienced severe pain. After another series of

adjustments, the man’s knee was restored to normal function and the pain disappeared.

Case studies like this one demonstrate that regular chiropractic care can be beneficial for treatment of injuries, and since the cause may be related to the spine, correcting the cause before it shows up as a pain problem in the extremities can be one of the best preventative strategies!

If you haven’t had a chiropractic spinal evaluation, or it has been at least 6 months, call your Kennesaw chiropractor today to schedule an appointment.

Brown, M., and P. Vaillancourt. 1993. Case report: Upper cervical adjusting for knee pain. Chiropractic Research Journal 2(3).


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