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Understanding What Can Cause Vertigo

- Dr. Andrew St. Bernard, D.C.

Vertigo is described by its sufferers as the loss of balance and one’s sense of orientation in space, causing them to feel as though the room is spinning around them. Vertigo is often accompanied by headache, nausea, or neck pain, which is often why many Chiropractic offices in the Kennesaw area see so many patients with Vertigo.

What many of them don’t realize is that their neck pain and headaches can be linked to their vertigo symptoms as well, and when the cause of the problem is properly addressed, both issues can and often are resolved.

The condition is often attributed to problems with the inner ear. However, there are many reports of vertigo being reduced or eliminated with adjustments to the upper cervical area of the spine.

In 1995, a 71 year old woman who had experienced sudden-onset severe disabling vertigo had sought medical treatment for a year with no relief. She received cervical adjustment that completely resolved the condition*.

If you have not had a chiropractic evaluation with digital nerve scan, or it has been at least 6 months since you have, it’s time to see your Chiropractor in Kennesaw, and get a check-up. No one should have to suffer needlessly with a condition like Vertigo that can be helped by a gentle and specific adjustment.

* Cagle, P. 1995. Cervicogenic vertigo and chiropractic , managing a single case – a case report. Journal of the American Chiropractic Association (May):83-84.


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