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Why We Do Re-Exams

Here at Exodus Health Center, we take pride in giving you the best quality of care

possible. In order to make this happen, we have developed specific procedures in order to

make sure each trip here is done in a timely, friendly, and loving manner. One of these

procedures that separates us from other chiropractic offices is the use of re-examinations. Re-

examinations are done in order to touch basis and check up on every single patient and make

sure you’re getting the care you deserve. We make the extra effort to sit down with you and

listen to your needs and goals, while evaluating your nervous system to make sure your body is

healing at its maximum potential. These re-examinations are performed every six visits because

we recognize that healing takes time. We also know that your time is important to you, and we

respect that, which is why we’ve made this one of our goals that these re-examinations are well

organized and done efficiently.

With our re-examinations, we also take the time to do a spinal nerve scan in order to

check how well your body is healing and adjusting. With these objective measurements, we

empower and teach you how the nervous system is supposed to function so that you can better

understand the importance of these visits. Not every chiropractic office uses this tool, but

within the chiropractic profession, this tool is the gold standard when measuring and assessing

nervous system function and how it relates to healing and optimal health.

With re-examinations being a special component of your healthcare plan here at Exodus

Health Center, we make sure you get the VIP status you deserve as well as making sure we’re

meeting your goals as your healthcare provider. Please feel free call us or visit our website at

Exodushealthcenter.com to reserve your new patient spot. See you then!


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